Golden Pulse Facial Face Massager Instant Lift 10

The Facial Face Massager: The 2-IN-1 product option comes with a cloth and 2 massagers; a T-shaped one and a roller type. The products itself feels study. One massager uses one AA battery. The material feels metallic and the massagers have a nice weight to them. The vibration for both is a bit between strong and weak, preferably I would have liked the vibration to be softer for the T-shape massager but otherwise it does the job well. It would have been better if there was an ability to control the vibration strength. Both items could be used without the vibration.

Best Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Face Massager Eye Nose Head

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NEW TECHNIQUE: 3D Roller Electric Sonic Energy Beauty Bar is so wonderful with surface diamond-grade cut small diamond shape and unique 3D “V” type design to fit the whole body tighting curve. “T” shape head is designed for 6000 vibrations per/min and is good at tightening skin, 2-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTION: The face massager kit is magical with two types of beauty bar. One is 3D roller face massager, the other is “T” shape electric energy beauty bar. Enjoy your skin care time with them.

ELAXED BEAUTY YOURSELF: Daily use of the beauty bar will make your face and skin look healthier and younger by reducing wrinkles and removing dark circles. Moreover, it will increase skin metabolism through stimulating your blood circulation,resulting in an instant face lift. Also, it can combine with skin care products and promote better absorption. NOTE: Requires one AA battery (not included ),electric power driven, stable performance,good circulation. Besides, Manual control Twist On/Off .

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2. Gold Skin Care Face Massager 3D Roller Electric Depuffer Energy Beauty Bar Package Combination

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A combination of two firming face roller, increase blood circulation, reduce tightness,wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, The roller massager surface diamond-grade cut small diamond shape and unique 3D “V” type design to fit the whole body tensioning curve. Our goal is to provide you with a quality product. We aim to make you happy with your purchase.

However, if you’re not completely satisfied vibration massager, then CONTACT US and we will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. Power Supply – Anti aging facial massager requires one AA batteries (not included ). Vibration frequency: About 6000 times/minute

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3. Finishing Touch Flawless Contour Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager, Rose Quartz

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Facial roller is designed to help stimulate circulation, promote collagen production, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle, From the world’s #1 Facial hair remover, Finishing Touch Lumina Lumina flawless, comes flawless contour, a vibrating facial roller and massager. This is not your every day Jade facial roller. Made of genuine Rose Quartz, flawless contour combines controlled vibrating technology with genuine Rose Quartz to amplify your facial roller and massager results.

This non-invasive exfoliation tool has two attachments: The facial roller is designed to help stimulate circulation, promote collagen production, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Flawless contour facial roller also includes an under eye press which helps reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Used consistently with anti-wrinkle creams and serums, many women have observed improved skin tone and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. For a flawless feel and a flawless finish – you can trust Finishing Touch Lumina Lumina flawless contour. Suitable for men and women of all ages

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4. Face Massager, Beauty Bar Pulse Facial Face Massage

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3D Roller Design: Roller massager use micro current technology, rolling more smoothness. The curved handle can be adjusted according to different massage place. 3D roller design adapt the whole around the eyes skin. Rotation in 360°massage totally. Beauty And Health: Daily use of the beauty bar will make your face and skin look healthier and younger by reducing wrinkles and removing dark circles. Moreover, it will increase skin metabolism through stimulating your blood circulation,resulting in an instant face lift. Also, it can combine with skin care products and promote better absorption.

Easy To Use: Waterproof design, electric power, electric power driven, stable performance , good circulation, easy to use. Requires one AA batteries (not included ); Vibration frequency: About 7,000 times/minute. GUARANTEE: 30 days changing or refunding without reasons. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us,we will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours. Portable And Convenient: Easy to carry, use it anytime, such as at home and office, carry it when you are traveling or business trip, no charging required, easy to clean, a perfect gift for yourself or your friends.

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5. 2 PCS Facial Massager, Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager for Face Lift

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6. Crystal Clear The Wand Facial Massager – High Frequency Sonic Wand – Anti Wrinkle and Depuffer Facial Tool

BEAUTIFUL SKIN IN 60 SECONDS: In just 60 seconds of using this sonic massager, you’ll have dewy fresh, camera ready skin that looks tighter and more plump THE EASY LIFT FACIAL: Finally, a facial you can perform at home with lasting results. No needles or surgery, The Wand will immediately firm and tighten your skin with visible results after just one use.

FACE, NECK & UNDER EYES: An all-in-one facial tool, this sonic beauty wand reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your neck and face and de-puffs the under eye area creating a more lifted appearance. INCLUDES HYALURONIC ACID: Every sonic facial wand comes with a 30mL bottle of Crystal Clear’s pharma-grade hyaluronic acid serum to give your skin the ultimate lift, plump, and hydration boost.

CLINICALLY PROVEN: With The Wand you’ll see actual results. In clinical studies, The Wand has been proven to firm skin by 45% and reduce wrinkles and fine lines by 27% after 8 weeks of daily use.

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7.  Face Roller Massager Face Kneading Ball Massager for Facial Lift Wrinkle Remove Face Firming Tool


3D Smooth Roller Massage: 360 degrees flexible roller ball deliver soft 3D kneading massager on your face and body, smooth diamond cutting surface keeps two rollers fit more closely to your skin, perfect for face lift, skin tightening, face firming, body massage, anti-aging and soothing therapy. Better Skin: The massager can emit microcurrent which can tone the skin and stimulate collagen production.

It can lift muscles and tighten sagging skin, create a more youthful appearance. Waterproof & Easy Care:100% waterproof, you can enjoy it while showering or anytime you want. Lightweight and easy carry, you can take it wherever you go and enjoy the massage. Safe and FDA Approved Medical Device: Landwind Roller Massager is FDA approved. The premium ABS and stainless steel are skin-friendly materials, providing more comfortable kneading and feelings.  

Comfortable and Whole Body Massage: The streamlined massage handle is ergonomically designed and can be easily hold. The massager can be applied not only to your face, but also to your waist, leg, arm, neck and any other skin areas.

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8. 3D Roller Electric Sonic Energy and T Shape Arm Eye Nose Head Massager Instant Face Lift

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New technology: 3D Roller electric sonic energy beauty bar with surface diamond-cut small diamond shape and unique 3D “V” design, very suitable for full body fastening curve. The “T” shaped head is designed to vibrate 6,000 vibrations per minute and is good at tightening the skin. 2 in 1 multi-function: two facial massager suits, including 3D roller facial massager and “T”-shaped head electric beauty stick.

Relax your beauty: Use a beauty bar every day to make your face and skin look healthier and younger by reducing wrinkles and removing dark circles. In addition, it increases the skin’s metabolism by stimulating blood circulation, which immediately raises the face. In addition, it can be combined with skin care products to promote better absorption. Note: A AA battery (excluding tax) is required, electric drive, stable performance and good cycle.

In addition, manual control of Twist On / Off 360° design: Thanks to the special 360° waterproof design, you can enjoy it while showering. In addition, the 360o “T” shape and 3D roller massager allow you to use the product from anywhere you like. What’s more, you can use the electric massager anytime, anywhere because of its portable design and the accompanying delicate storage bag.

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9. LED Light Therapy & Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser, XNUO 5 IN 1 Red-Blue-Green Light

3 COLOR LED PHOTON THERAPY BOOST TO PRODUCE COLLAGEN: XNUO skin phototherapy beauty instrument contains 3 color of LED photon light: The blue light is helping to clean up and reduce the acnes in your skin ; The Red light is helping to increase the metabolizein of cells, boost collagen production, make your skin smooth and firming;

The soft green light is specialized in neutralize skin and calm the nerves, boost to dredge lymph, and reduce the skin edema. 5 IN 1 SKIN RENEWAL TOOL: This facial massager combine 5 functions in 1 device: The ultrasonic to vibrate the cells and stimulate the cells activity; The cleansing mode is releasing positive ions help to deep clean your skin; The nutrient absorption mode is releasing negative ions boost to absorb the nutrient;

The relax mode is microwave massage, help to relax your skin; The 3 Color LED photon light mode helping to shrink pores and reduce wrinkle, make your skin smoothing and firming. GALVANIC HELP TO DEEP CLEANSING SKIN AND SKIN ABSORPTION: XNUO facial massager provide 2 mode for skin deep cleansing and skin absorption. Skin cleansing mode: This mode is combine with ultrasonic, positive ion and relax massage, help to clean the skin more thoroughly; Skin absorption mode: This mode is combine with ultrasonic, negative ion and relax massage, help to boost the skin to absorb the creams.

MICROWAVE SMOOTHING MASSAGE TO RELAX YOUR SKIN: This facial massager build-in 2 microwave mode: continuousup mode and Intermittent mode, up to 12,000 rpm vibration can easily to stimulus the skin, softening the makeup residuce, blackheads, grease in the pores, and help to export them outside the skin. In the other hands, the microwave massage also helping to reduce the eye bags and wrinkles, boost collagen production, improve the skin elasticity, make the skin firming and smoothing

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10. Golden Pulse Facial Massager T-Shape Face Electric Massage Tool for Sensitive Skin Face Pull Tight Firming Vibrating

24K gold electric beauty bar can release pure gold anion, stimulate the dermis to secrete more collagen, fill the gap of collagen that shrinks and loses, so that the sagging and relaxing skin can be lifted and rearranged to fill the wrinkles; The collagen in the dermis is rapidly contracted to achieve the effect of removing wrinkles. 24K gold electric beauty stick T-head is made of 24K pure gold, which gives the cells a weak current from the face,

balances the skin potential, opens up the lymphatic circulation of the face, and enhances the protein synthesis, oxidation, ion exchange and nutrient absorption of the underlying cells. 6,000 high-frequency vibrations per minute can quickly promote blood circulation, instantly increase the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin, quickly activate cell activity, tighten facial muscles, wrinkle, remove excess fat from the face, and stimulate the secretion of new collagen.

24K gold electric beauty stick will release pure gold negative ions into the skin dermis and positive ions in the human body echo each other, remove free radicals in the cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate the body’s metabolism, and make the skin tissue It activates inside the body, revitalizing the skin and recreating youth. 24K pure gold T-head can give cells weak current from the face, activate cell activity, enhance protein synthesis, oxidative ion exchange and nutrient absorption, improve waste, excess toxins, and improve Facial blood circulation; shrinks pores, leaving skin white and delicate.

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Love it! It helped so much with my puffy eyes and dark circles. Love the color too

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