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Pet Products Bolster Sleeper Orthopedic Dog Bed 10

dog bad

Dog Bed: Pomeranian loves her new bed! I was afraid that the medium would be too Sleeper Dog Bed big. I’m glad I went with this size. She loves to stretch out – but still has the option to snuggle up into the bolster. For anyone needing a size reference …

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10 Best Simple Solution True Fit Disposable Dog Diapers

True Fit Disposable Dog

Our senior large breed dog had a particularly nasty, Disposable Dog Diapers long-running, UTI. Unfortunately, she is a mixed breed, so does not fit into the standard sizes category. Together with an extra large washable diaper, these worked rather well. There was still leakage because her body measurements do not …

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Best Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill

Window Mount Kitty

The Mount Kitty Sill: I saw this by absolute chance when I was pondering over the cheaper sunny seat, considering if I wanted to buy it and see how it worked out, then later upgrade to the kitty cot. When I saw this one described as a ‘double stack’, I …

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