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10 Best Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails

Magnets for Holding Screws

The strong magnets: Very helpful for my small tools home projects in holding screws nails. Although I feel the magnet could not carry heavier screws and knobs, but worked out just fine for me. It’s “spacious” and has small pockets to insert a few knick knacks needed when working up …

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Best Toolbox General Household Hand Tool Set Kit

General Household Hand Tool

The hand tool box general household: I bought this for president for my brother-in-law because hand Tools in his car were all spread out and didn’t know where anything was so I bought it for him. He has enjoyed it so much because everything has its place and its sockets …

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10 Best Magnetic Telescoping Pick-up Tool Kit Light

Telescoping Pick-up Tool

These are so useful. The Telescoping led light on the mirror can be used for looking at things that are hard to see. Like under your car or under the hood behind the engine where it is tight. The small magnet is quite strong. And the bigger magnet is really …

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10 Best Universal Socket Tool Sets with Power Drill

tools part

Company was apologetic and offered a full refund best universal socket tool (if I took my review down). While the refund is appreciated, I feel like they should focus more on putting out a quality product. Reviews are what we rely on here and people deserve to know what they’re …

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