Building Toys for Toddlers 80 Pieces

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag with Big Building Blocks, Building Toys for Toddlers (80 Pieces) – Blue Bag

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  • 80 classic-colored building blocks, including special shapes
  • Perfect for little hands
  • Hands-on play for early childhood development
  • Storage bag for easy cleanup
  • Combine with other Mega Bloks preschool toys and build them up!

Spark their imagination with the #1 preschool construction toy in the U.S.A. This award-winning set of 80 big and vibrant building blocks is the perfect toy for your toddler’s little hands and big imagination. You’ll love that these big blocks fit and come apart with ease, helping to develop their fine motor and thinking skills as they stack. Best of all, these blocks can be combined with any Mega Bloks toy to extend playtime for hours on end. Ideal for First Builders, ages 1+.

I bought these blocks for my son for his birthday. The first time we played with them, I dumped the bag on the floor to take out the blocks. I look up and see my son spit something out and it was one of the rings pictured! The tiny rings do not go to anything – no idea why or how they got into the bag. My son could have choked. Inspect the bag before playing with these.

she likes emptying the bag, and picking up pieces, and occasionally she gets some connected. In a couple of months it’ll be a different story, she’s catching on quickly.

Not sure about the people who said they were too small and their infant would swallow them; you can see the size of the single pieces in my daughter’s hands, they’re too big for her to get in her mouth at 14 months and she’s like the 98th percentile for height.

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My 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter absolutely love these! They spend hours playing with these and as a family me and my husband and the kids build things together. The great things about them is that they are large so they aren’t a choke hazard. My daughter will sometimes try to put these in her mouth so we are happy that we don’t have to worry about that with these jumbo sized blocks.

The blocks are colorful and are made of good quality plastic so you don’t have to worry about small pieces or worry about them breaking and being harmful. These are highly recommended and very much worth every penny. Probably the best toy I have bought for my kids in a while.

Vale cada centavo! Material de altíssima qualidade. Peças grandes, ideal para crianças pequenas e de fácil encaixe. Meu filho tem 2 anos e 8 meses. A entrega foi feita em 3 dias úteis para a cidade do Rio de Janeiro o que é fantástico! Depois que você compra na Amazon nunca mais quererá saber de outra plataforma!!!

The baby stage has left me nonplussed as far as interesting things, This, was actually a hit. When he’s older he will be getting books and science kits and creation toys out the yinyang but I was determined that I not just get him some colorful thing that makes noise for Christmas.

was thrilled to find blocks that were big enough to a 1year old to be safe with and are really something he can grow along with as these are 1-5. The kit contains enough to make the giraffe that’s on the package (his dad is a big kid and had to find out immediately so dad and grandpa had fun after the nephew passed out asleep.

Still Elliott seemed to enjoy these and they held his attention pretty well. He is 13 months and while he isn’t quite able to pull locked bricks apart on his ownh e has grasped putting them together, and I think he and Dad will be building things in no time. We will probably add several bags of blocks to his collection as soon as he knows what hes doing a little better. At the price I see now reason not to get him a giant Rubbermaid tub to fill with them.

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